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Best Places to See & Photograph Sunset in “downtown” Newport, RI

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

While there are lots of resources on the web that provide insight into special spots to take photos in Newport, it feels right to share some of my thoughts, too. Here is an insider perspective's on the best places to see sunset in Newport, RI from my eight years snapping photos "in" town!

My favorite locations to see sunset and take pictures in downtown Newport:

  1. King Park - a gem of a park/area in town which provides lots of good angles along the water to capture photos of Newport Harbor at sunset (for example, from King Park beach, by the Rochambeau statue, from the Rotunda, by the public dinghy dock on the jetty, etc)

  2. Along the seashell path to King Park - a secret nook in town that offers a breathtaking view of Newport Harbor at sunset (enter at the end of Coddington Wharf)

  3. Outside of Ida Lewis Yacht Club (on Wellington Ave) - no need to be a Yacht Club member to enjoy a stunning view of sunset with the Newport Bridge in the backdrop and boats abound!

  4. Bridge to Goat Island (Gladys Carr Bolhouse Road) - head to Goat Island to capture a beautiful shot of the little island's lighthouse, Newport Bridge and boats in the harbor at sunset

  5. Bannister's Wharf - yes, this is a very popular location, but I simply had to include it. Not only is this a prime spot to see sunset and take pictures, but I also happened to get engaged here : ) So it holds a very special place in my heart 🤍


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